PHOTOGRAPHY/ Multi-media

Since I have been a sculptor for the past 15 years, I am accustomed to observing and analyzing the three-dimensionality of objects. Perhaps it is therefore logical that my new photographic works feels as multi-dimensional as my sculptures.

Like the Cubists, I create images that are faceted, abstracted, and reassembled into one single image. Like the Surrealists, my images live where dreams and reality intersect.

To achieve a desired composition, I move my camera through a scene with the pauses and flourishes of a modern dancer. My movements are an emotional and physical response to what I am observing. The intention of my technique is to synthesize my response to the visual stimulus and communicate that reaction with a single photograph that may alter the subject, yet gets closer to its emotional truth, at least for me. Often my images are intended to challenge the foundations upon which we build our assumptions. Other times they are more about creating the essence of the experience that relates to the subject.

My photographs are not composites. They are not “photo-shopped”. They are captured exactly as you see them, in my camera. Some are printed “as is”, others are printed onto canvas and become the base for a painting or a multi-media bas relief.

Of Corso (original photo)

Of Corso, 2016


Vroom, 2017, Multi-media (acrylic, photography, objects, lights), 10’x 30″